Happy New Year

This will be the official launch of my personal journey as a writer.

As many people do over new year they make a list of resolutions, to exercise more, spend less (although by joining a gym they actually spend more and give up exercising by the end of January).

This year I am just going to make a promise and not a resolution, I am going to be brave. This may not sound like an interesting promise to most people. You may look at me and think what does she need to be brave about.

That is the problem, sometimes in life you tick off all the boxes for what you think you should have achieved as a ‘grownup’. You stop pushing yourself to chase down your dreams as you have people depending on you to be there, to look after the kids, working and paying bills.

If you’re lucky you have someone you can depend on to help with these things, if you’re even luckier that someone will tell you to follow your dreams and even give you a shove to do so.

That is what this year will be about for me, I will be brave enough to start my dream of being a writer. I will be brave enough to put myself out there in the big wide world and share my thoughts with you all. I will be brave and face what this year has to come.

Maybe it will inspire others to be brave also. Who knows what the next year will bring but I will be brave enough to try at least.