The Actual Writing Part

During the christmas break, admist the chaos of children and families, this was my favorite time and place to start my New Year writing.  In the heart of Exmoor, no phone or internet to distract me.  The fire roaring, the candles lit and a mug of fresh coffee made to help the creative flow get going.


Now that we are back from the holidays and routine is about to kick into hyper-drive once more, I will endevour to keep up the momentum as daily life will get in the way.

This is the point where bravery has to step in already, to say to those around; ‘No, I am writing.’

I read recently “Start writing, no matter what.  The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” – Louis L’Amour.

Although having said that, I still have work to do and 3 kids to run around after. This is when making writing a part of your daily routine has to happen. Organisation and routine is the key. Now to put it into practice!