Being a beginner


To start a journey of even epic proportions you have to take the first step.

I have always tried to try to learn new skills or taken up new hobbies during my adult life, only a couple of years ago I taught myself how to knit and now my middle son has a very smart jumper to wear.  The pace at which technology moves and changes is enough to have most adults enlisting the help of the nearest 10 year old to help them with their iPhones settings, (while said 10 year olds are usually taking the Micky out of me not knowing what I’m doing!).

This new journey of writing has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am a complete beginner. But unlike all the other times before, I have felt this time telling a person that I am beginning to write is somehow more personal. To be judged on your writing ability is very hard to handle.

Each writer I think will agree with me, when you are writing a story of fiction, you are writing a part of yourself into your work. The characters, the scenery and the plot lines are all part of the writers vast pool of experience, with which they pull their ideas from.

So with that in mind, when you ask someone to read your piece of writing then you are asking for them to almost judge a part of you.

Sometimes it will be favourable sometimes not, but what really matters is that your happy with how it reads and feels when it is seen on paper.