Snow Day Writing

I am glad to say that after a bit of a slow start to January, the writing is finally getting somewhere.  A friend I hadn’t seen for a while asked me how my book was going the other day, I felt a pang of guilt when I replied that it was going slowly due to other work commitments.  But thank goodness for that guilt, it spurred me into action.

As soon as I had emailed my work off, I celebrated in the local coffee-house with a large black Americano and my laptop.

Then as luck would have it, Friday was a snow day.  While the boys spent their pent-up energy sledging and pretending to snowboard on sledges, I spent my day clearing my head space.  This probably doesn’t sound as if I did very much but I found after getting back on the writing horse from the day before, my head had become a cluttered mess of ideas.  I needed this day of downtime it seems to sort through where I wanted the story to go.

In my planning stages I have completed a quick glance through for the overall plot, what main events will happen in each chapter, what the characters main traits will be and how they will have relationships with each other.  So at this point I thought, great that’s the main ‘bones’ of it, all I have to do now is add the general padding, et voila c’est fini!

What I had not considered was that due to the slow start through January I would be coming back to the writing from a different perspective.  Things will change, ideas will grow maybe into a different direction.

As a new writer, I have yet to discover what writing practices will work for me, so I am happy to try different thing and experiment to see which way will work best for me.

What I have learnt is that I will make sure not to leave such long break in between writing, I don’t think that will be very helpful to the story overall.  I think it is better to write as continuously as possible of else these breaks will show through as crack in the writing.  This would be smoothed over I ‘am sure when it comes to editing, but will the finished story ring a true likeness to the original story spark?  Or is the editing process going to be ruthless to the idea anyway?

All these musings are pointless, until I have actually finished the story to the end.

I am glad to say that I have at least reached the 10% mark now, with much hard work I’m sure, I will forge on and reach the elusive end and then I can finally understand the answer to some of my many questions.