The Hunting Party


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I saw on Instagram The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley mentioned.  I was instantly intrigued by this book as it was likened to, a modern-day Agatha Christie ‘Who done it” murder mystery.

Being a big fan of Agatha Christie and a little interested in what could actually happen on a “Hunting Party”, I downloaded onto my kindle app.  It didn’t disappoint and I finished it in a couple of sittings (I have 3 boys who always interrupt when I sit down).

The story is about a group of old college friends and a more recent addition of a girlfriend and a baby,  who meet up every year for new years eve to spend a few days reconnecting with their friendships.  This particular year seems to be a bit of strain to all the relationships within the group.  Made even harder by the remote location of the Lodge and the extreme weather cutting them off from the rest of humanity.

The writing style is modern, jumping from the point of view of each of the main characters and the different time scales during the few days over the new year.  The actual murder is made apparent from the first chapter, but unlike most until the end of the book we do not discover who has actually been murdered until the story reaches it pinnacle.

Along the way you get to know each of the main characters in a more in-depth way, each with glimpses of troubled pasts or even more troubling futures. The dramatic scenery and wilderness of the traditional country house murder, has its own modern twist that includes the staff who work there.

There are suitable twists to the story plot, some obvious and some a little more surprising.  I am one of those people with a murder mystery who like to guess ‘who done it’ as soon as I can, but this kept me from being able to accomplish this until the story unfolded at the end.  If you were to read this I suggest you don’t skip to the end to see who it was, but to just go with the flow of the how Lucy has written and enjoy the story as all the twists and turns are meant to unfold.