1st Published Writing

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So the writing career is still in the very early stages.  I have dabbled so far with genres and have dabbled with also a couple of children’s stories.  Nothing has gotten past the editing stage and also the stage where you read the story to your children and don’t expect them to rip you apart like a seasoned editor of the worst kind! (but they do!!).

But I was secretly pleased when I wrote a small piece for my children’s school, which I thought would just be a blurb for their portfolio.  But it has been published on the schools website for all to see.

This was exciting enough and I revelled in the moment with my husband as I fantasized about being a published author of my many, many books.  This was soon to be dwarfed in comparison when one of the other parents actually stopped my in to tell me how much they enjoyed reading my piece and how well written it was in their opinion.

Pop the poppers and bring me balloons – I’m having a party in my head.

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This is obviously small-scale.  But I am keeping account of these small moments to look back on when the bigger problems/criticisms come later down the road.  I will remember my first, it may not be big but I will be proud of it.

Also I am spurred on with my own manuscript in the afterglow.  But the best news is they have asked me to write another piece for them to use.

Baby steps lead to giant leaps.