International Women’s Day – A hope for my boys.

International Women’s Day was held on Friday 8th Mach 2019 is the focal point for women’s rights with their campaign #BalanceforBetter.

It seemed that every female celebrity was tweeting in support or posting with Instagram to promote gender equality for all women across the world.

Women’s International Day has been observed since the early 1900’s.  It was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations and before that it had been mostly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries.  This was following a national holiday held on the March 8th 1917 when women gained sufferage in Soviet Russia having been inspired by American socialists.  In present day in some countries it is still a public holiday, whilst in others it is a day of protests or celebrations and in others it is ignored completely.

So what a great idea, women supporting women.  Tweets and memes about women and empowerment.  It seems that I may have been hiding under a rock as I didn’t realise that this was such a big thing now.

When I was a teenager there were the Spice Girls with their radical “Girl Power” but actually this has been in the background, gathering a following around each country as it went.

“Sufferage”- “feminism”- ” girl power”, whatever you want to call it.  There will be no doubt that most people will be able to say they had a strong female role model or inspiration for their life.  But what about our boys?

As a mother of three boys who are all growing up really fast, I really hope that they look at me as a good female role model in their own lives.  I try really hard to make sure that I am there to back them up when they need it and to make sure they are told off when it is also needed.  I also hope they learn not to just give up and that in life you have to work for what you want, no one is just going to hand it to you.  To be kind, compassionate, but also not be taken for grated and pushed around.  To stand up for others when there is unfairness and inequality.

I hope that when my boys grow up to be men, that they will treat everybody with the same level of respect, whether man/women, colour, creed or religion.

If National Women’s Day has shown me anything, it’s that there still seems to be unfairness and inequality in the world or else this would not be just one day – it would be everyday.

I hope that empowering both young girls to be strong and young boys to be respectful,  they will help to accomplish this when they are adults.