Mothers Day

6831310F-60C0-47C3-8A29-D8E67D52197D  This is what Mother’s Day is all about.

Today my family and I spent the day just pottering around Salisbury, had a spot of lunch and had a bit of a drive back enjoying our Costa coffees and hot chocolates fo the boys.

There was no big elaborate show, just some lovely tulips and a thoughtful card.  There was no mad dash out for a sunday lunch to an overcrowded carvery, packed with families for this busy day of showing how much you care for your loved one.

It was just what I wanted, relaxing.  In our family this is hard to come by, three boys and my husband need to be kept entertained most of the time by doing things or at least having a plan of what we are doing.  There were a few grumbles when I said I was happy to go with no plan in mind and I enjoyed it, most of all I have come home feeling happy.

With all my health problems of late and the looming date for my hysterectomy on Thurday this week, I am a firm beliver in ‘Do more of what makes you happy’.

I have a million and two things I should be doing before Thursday but instead I have filled my time with things I also wanted to do.  My eldest sons 12th birthday, a hack out on my favorite horse and I have my hair appointment for highlights on Wednesday.

Obviously I will be doing the things inbetween that need to be done.  But I am making more time then I would normally have before to balance this with things that make me happy.

Tonight I will be making time for more writing, whilst enjoying a G & T and followed by a nice hot bubble bath to round off a lovely day.

Thank you to my lovely family for making this day as I wanted it to be.