Out the other side – hysterectomy

What can I say, other than it’s all done!  April 4th 2019 was eviction day for all my lady parts with the talented Mr Griffiths.  I was both excited and nervous before the day, as I was being told by everyone who had it done or knew someone who had it done, it’s major surgery.  I drilled into all my boys that I would be needing a lot of looking after for weeks after the operation as I was going to be in pain and not to push my recovery too quickly.

It is not like I had not had surgery before, two laparoscopic and three c-sections, I recovered well after all of these.  I had read all the blogs about recovery and what to expect, but one thing they left out was how much less pain I could find myself in than before.

It’s true I obviously have some pain, there are three incision sites with stitches and I know inside will be more, the surgeon had to do a lot of scraping to rid me of the endometriosis.

But here I am on day six of recovery, the first day I am allowed out of bed without being shouted at by my husband,  without the familiar pain I have been in for so many years.  I didn’t realise how bad it had been to live with until now.  I am taking it easy and only pottering around the house and garden, when I get tired I rest.  The boys are still home and looking after me the best they can.

There are some things I would recommend to aid a speedy recovery;

  • Windeeze/peppermint tea or sweets, trapped wind can be painful.
  • Stool softener, you really don’t want to have to push.
  • Lots of fruit and berries, easy to eat as you will feel uncomfortable with anything heavy in your stomach, I ate a tonne of blueberries.
  • Triangle pillow, helps support you in bed.
  • Allow yourself the days in bed without feeling guilty, you will feel better for the rest.  
  • But don’t forget to get up and about a little bit, this will help get rid of any trapped wind and help you not stiffen up in bed.
  • I also took Arnica to help the healing.
  • Lots of fluid, will help with waking up your digestive system and bladder, will also help to eliminate any anesthetic left in your system.
  • Last is take the pain killers when you feel it coming on, if you leave it too late they will take a while to work and you will have to deal with the pain until they do.

*This is just my opinion, I am not medically trained in any way – always seek advice from a trained professional.

I can finally see what everybody is talking about, I do believe that I will be able to get my life back.  I have missed so much in the last couple of years, without really paying attention to much but the pain I was in.  I am looking forward to being able to horse ride, run, going to trampolining parks with the boys again and long dog walks.

All I have to say is, I wish I had it earlier.

frozen wave against sunlight
Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com