Travel heals the body, as well as the soul.

After my hysterectomy at the beginning of April I had been recovering really well and feeling better than I have in many, many years.  As a family we had been looking forward to going to Exmoor for the long weekend of Easter, but fate was not so kind.

I ended up back in hospital after one of the stitches inside me had an infection, this caused it to give way and for me to start hemorrhaging blood.  My husband took me straight to A and E. I was there for a short time before being taken to Gynaecology. Unfortunately it took a few hours before being seen and luckily my husband made sure that as we waited the nurse kept checking my ever decreasing blood pressure.  

When it got very low during this time the nurse realised the blood loss was quite substantial and so I was immediately taken to a room to the gynecologist.  Long story short, everything was then happening very quickly and very painfully.  They managed to stop the bleeding and then scanned to make sure there was no other internal bleeding.  Luckily they did not think I would need a blood transfusion or more surgery.

So after a couple of days in hospital we missed our chance of going to the West Country, but we did make it home in time for lunch with my husband’s family instead. Also we enjoyed some glorious weather while I recovered from what I am now calling ‘my little blip!’

I am now four week post op and we are going to make sure we get down to Exmoor for the May bank holiday instead.  The journey down was a little bit painful and very tiring but when we arrived my entire body and soul took a deep breath in and relaxed.

A weekend away with my family was exactly what was needed, after all the stress of the last few months and then the recovery and ‘my little blip!’, to see all the animals and stunning scenery at my most favorite time of the year, was the best medicine a girl could ask for.   From moorland to seaside towns, I have come home feeling better than before my operation. Travel may be tiring, but it is also restorative.  I am now looking forward to finishing my recovery and getting back to being as healthy as I can be.