Not just writing after all.

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I spend most of my days working at home, in a small country village and can go all day without speaking to or seeing another person, until the kids and husband come home. Also I am mostly an introvert at heart, preferring to let my words speak more clearly on paper than my mouth ever could.

Luckily I am one of those people who are mostly happy with my own company.  I do make sure that I drop and pick up the kids from school at least once a week just so I connect to the people there.  Also so I don’t go completely crazy and starting talking to the teapot, I try to take my laptop into the local coffee shop and sit and people watch as much as I can.

One of the ways to counteract this is I have recently joined a group for writers, a newly started group to get together and share their experience and also share work or ideas. We have only met once so far but I found it helpful to know that I am on the right track with the writing process.  I have a story idea and have worked out roughly what will happen in each chapter, managing to get as far as chapter 9.  A total of 24,567 words so far.

The only problem was that we are expected as writers, to actually read out loud our writing.  I have told the group that I will need to work on this – I don’t want to spontaneously combust and I fear I might when reading out to a group (or anyone actually).  We have been tasked to, ‘find or write a piece to read out to the group something that inspires us’.

I as yet have nothing.  It’s like my brain freezes with panic at the thought of having to read it out loud.  So when the kids are back at school on Monday I am going to arm myself with my notebook and laptop, sip a huge black coffee and hope the creative juices start to flow with something inspiring, that will not make me explode.

So for the mean time I will be practising speaking in front of the mirror until the time comes when I have to share with the group.  Putting aside my introvert side to embrace sharing my work with others and the being able to offer advice and give criticism  This I feel is the worst part that any author will fear the most, that fact that once you say the words out loud, they are then unleashed in to the world.

I am really pleased to be part of this group, so that I can work through these issues with other like-minded people in a small group.  Who knows, one day I could be reading out an excerpt of my own book, at my own book launch to a room filled with people – it’s good to aim high!