July Writing Exercise


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Key words: Chair, cork board, door, file, basket, a smell, a sound, hair, rug, hands.

Total of 300 words.



“Clean up, isle four, code nine!”  Blasted over the tannoy. 

With a groan and a quick swipe to his hair, he stood from his desk, pushing the squeaky office chair back sharply.  What on earth was code nine again, he glanced at this list pinned on the over stuffed cork board on his desk.  Code nine was in his opinion the worst of them all.  He straightened up and steeled himself to go downstairs and face what was waiting.

As he walked onto the shop floor he was met by the wailing sound of a small child in mid tantrum.  He approached the small gathering, luckily Brenda was there.  She was a god send in this sort of situation.

“Thank you Brenda, it looks at though you are well on top of things.”

A small boy was in his mothers arms crying, there was a decidedly god awful smell coming from the rug at the shops entrance door.  He dared a look and then wished he hadn’t.  He swallowed hard past the lump in his throat, where his lunch threatened to come back up.

Brenda had gone from soothingly rubbing the small boys back with her hand, to scuttling away to get the mother some wipes, having noticed what was covering the back of her shirt. 

Brenda rubbed at the last of the vile smelling vomit with the wipes, as he finished writing the incident in the file. Then Brenda had helped the mother with her basket of shopping,  the boy was now happily sucking on a free lollipop that he had been given earlier.

As mother and boy left the shop he turned to Brenda,

“What would I do without you, my angel of mercy?”

“Probably have had to clear your own vomit up, as well as the boys!”

©️ E-A Jones

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