Tips for a writing retreat at home.

Now the school holidays are behind me, I reminice on how much writing I had maganged to get done.

I had seen a post on instagram, in which you could go on a luxury writing retreat to Bali. My purse was definitely not deep enough to afford to go to Bali without winning that elusive lottery (still haven’t won it yet).  So instead I concentrated on making my very own writing retreat.

I was lucky enough to have a couple of child free days where the boys grandparents were taking them away, so I decide to make these my writing retreat.

So when I said goodbye to the boys and waved them off with their grandparents, I then hopped in my car all on my own and headed to my favorite place, Exmoor.  Meanwhile my lovely husband stayed home and looked after the various pets.

Since becoming a parent I have had little time to myself and a couple of days in the West Country, without even the dogs, sounded like a dream.  Although the house was really quiet, I did love the fact I did not have to stick to any sort of routine, like I would have had to with dogs, children and homelife.

I went for walks when I wanted (with no moaning about how far it was), the photo below is from Minehead harbour.



This also meant I could eat when and what I wanted ( I am on holiday after all).  This included a lovely cream tea when I went on to visit Dunster and enjoyed the sunshine.

After I had got this all out of my system I then knuckled down to the actual reason I had gone away on my own, to write.

The house was quiet and my laptop was open and fingers poised over the keyboard. Nothing happened.  Hmm Ok, maybe this is going to be harder then I thought it would be.

After a little while and a lot of false starts, maybe even a glass of wine or two, I finally got into the rythmn.    I am happy to say that after a rather shakey start, I was able to turn on the proverbial tap and the words flowed out.

By the time the kids were dropped off to me and my husband then joined us I had made a sizable dent into my word count which I was really pleased about, more so I was pleased with the content too.

I may not have the luxury of being able to escape to Bali on a writers retreat, but that didn’t stop me from creating my own.  I will include some tips to make your very own Writers Retreat at Home.


  • Plan some time in your diary.  If like me, your diary is always full then schedule yourself some time and block that time out in your diary.
  •  Have a plan to stick to.  This could be an amount of words to write or just getting to a certain point in your story, but it will help keep you focused on your goals.
  • Make sure there are no distractions.  Turn your phone off and lock your doors, less daily distractions the better.
  • Make yourself a writing playlist.  Having said no distractions I did find that silence was not my friend, I put together a playlist of my favorite music to have on in the background to keep me motivated.
  • Treat it like a treat.  I love a bubble bath, but I daren’t have my laptop in the bath! One of the things I love most is having a lovely scented candle burning to relax me, so I made sure to light my favorite scented candle to make it feel like I was pampering myself whilst writing.  This could also work with a facemask, especially with the door locked.
  • To finish off the at home retreat feel, have some yummy food to keep you sustained. This is obviously of your own choosing, I loved a spanish themed lunch of olives, chicken, parma ham, mozerella with sundried tomatoes and salami.

These are just a few tips to make it feel a bit special and a lot less like hard work, so this may also help if anyone is having problems with writers block.

If anyone else has any tips they have used in the past to create their own writing retreat at home, I would love to hear them.






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