Missing you

grass field during golden hour
Photo by Zhanzat Mamytova on Pexels.com

For a split second I forgot

I forgot that you were out of reach

My mind went blank and my soul shed a tear

For I will not see you for a long while

I miss being able to speak to you

One day we will meet again

I will be able to share my thoughts and fears

The sun will warm us as we sit together

The long winter and stark cold loneliness passed

Like a distant dream fades into blackness

The summer must make way for the autumn

The trees will let their leaves fall

They stand tall and strong enduring the harsh winter winds

But they know that this will pass and make way for new beginings

I miss you, untill I see you again

I endure all life, adapting and growing

Knowing that one day I will see you again

When we do, it will be as no time has passed between us

It will be warmth and comfort

Best of all, it will be happiness deep in my soul

As we will be together once more, forevermore.


© E-A Jones




4 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. landybling

    Love this though me made me sad I did shed a tear, if you made this up congratulations it’s really good 😜

    Sent from my iPad



  2. WhiteOut5467

    Very moving and beautiful poem but very sad. If you don’t normally feel moved to write poetry who or what inspired this one?


    1. E-A Jones

      Hi Thank you for taking the time to read it, I find the change of seasons very inspiring in themselves. I feel autumn helps to take a minute to slow down after a busy summer and take stock of myself for the long winter that will stretch ahead. I hope you have a inspiring autumn as well WhiteOut5467


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