October Writing Exercise


For the Writers Cafe October meeting the writing exercise given was based on the photo of beach huts standing on the white sand with a set of footprints.

As with all the other exercises set, I had to try to limit it to 300 words.

So this was my offering to the group.


It had been the worst of years.  The war had been swift and brutal, leaving everyone, everything in its wake damaged, some so deep the scars would never heal.  I had been deployed to fight and fight I did.  Many good, fine soldiers were lost, but we who were left behind, would not forget them.

So it is with a heavy heart our nation is now rebuilding the broken and honouring our beloved fallen.  The war raged on through the tougher winter months, rain, sleet, snow.  Bitter cold that made a man think his bones were frozen to brittle icicles, fragile and breakable with the slightest of ease.  

Now the sun on my face slowly thaws the frozen depths of my war weary bones.  Giving me hope that the future will be as bright and warm as the day is today.  Standing on the warm sand of the beach, I yearn to be able to take off my thick, heavy boots and feel the soft grains of sand on my aching feet.  The breeze does nothing to stop the beads of sweat gathering and running down my back, under my starched uniform.  But I will endure it for just a little longer.  Instead I let the sweet sound of the rolling waves, lapping at the shore quiet my forever ringing ears, a left over from the explosions I endured and will never relent, so I have been told by the doctors.

Finally the bugle is sounded, ending the long drawn out memorial for all our fallen comrades that will not be laid to rest in their own graves.  With a salute we are dismissed and I turn only to be faced with my own footprints in the sand leading back to life after the war and the hope for a brighter future.

By E-A Jones

I actually enjoy doing these little challenges as it means I can explore other genres, whilst I am busy writing my romantic fiction novel.  Also for the experience of reading these short pieces of work out loud to the rest of the group, I am always happy I have achieved that and I know the more I do this the easier it will become.

As yet I have not spontaneously combusted during reading aloud to the group, which I am always surprised at.  Although I think while I read this piece I didn’t actually pause to take many breaths, so maybe it will be more likely that I faint and not combust.

grayscale photo of explosion on the beach
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Either way, I will be hoping to do the same for the next meeting in November and then I will again share on here with you all how it goes.




I hope you like it and if you are inspired to write one of your own I would love to know about it in the comments.

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