Back to School, Back to work

So after six long months of having the kids off school, my attempts to keep them on the straight and narrow of their education with home learning via the internet and Google, they have all gone back to school. Yay!

They hot sticky days of the heatwave have disappeared and the nights have already started to draw in. Autumn is just on the horizon.

This is the time of year that I suddenly find myself motivated to get things done, probably a result of the children being home and nothing being accomplished in that time.

So as the days are cooler and the cosy blankets call my name, I also hear my WIP calling frantically to me – ‘Finish me, finish me!’

I have had some time away from my novel, in the hope that I would be able to think the ending through more clearly for when it came time to start tapping away at the keyboard. But the truth of it is that, I’m just not sure how I wanted the ending to pan out.

As my husband is not one for reading fiction I asked a neighbour to read through my work up to a certain point. She was more than happy to oblige me and her feedback was very positive. It was really interesting how she saw it finishing. It was an eye-opener, that she would want to read another book with the characters and story developing further than I had originally planned.

This has given me the clarity that I needed to move forward. These few simple words of encouragement were just what I needed to hear and at the right time. My brain is no longer swinging like a pendulum in a clock. I will be tackling the ending during September and I hope to then share my characters, Lily and Adam with some Beta readers for a proper critique, then the editing process can begin.

If there are any thoughts on the Beta reader process please drop a comment, I would love to hear your experiences.

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