Inner dialogue- who doesn’t have it?

I am interested to know what people experience with the inner workings of the mind.

I read the other day that not everyone has an ‘inner dialog’ in their head, you know that little voice that is your very own narrator. Your internal monologue which will form words inside your head, that you can hear without actually speaking them out loud. I’m not saying that I have multiple voices or anything, before anyone calls for the men in white coats. But as a writer I have learned that, to a certain point, I do need to be many different characters all at once. if not then my characters in the story would all sound the same and be very boring to then read.

So what do the people without the voice in their head have?

I can only guess that some people experience images that pop in and out of their head, just like a slide show. Other people must just speak the words straight out of their mouth, without the inner voice having a lively debate before hand. I’m sure that we have all met that one person like this in our lifetime, one that seems to speak without any sort of filter.

Sometimes when I am writing and really getting into the “zone”, when the fingers seem to fly over the keyboard of their own accord. At these times, words can’t form quickly enough for me to type and my brain kicks into overdrive. It seems to switch modes, to watching the scenes as if I am watching a film.

Although these times are few and far between, you can bet that is the perfect time for someone to come in, interrupting me or the phone rings. But when these inspirational times hit, it is perfect for the ‘show, don’t tell’ aspect of any good story. It is when you go back to re-read these parts of pure imagery, that you then need to make sure that it is well balanced with the narrative, kept in the correct point of view and generally makes the scene and story progress in the right way. Not just all flowery, descriptive words and settings that readers will end up skimming past, as they don’t help the story to move forward with any sort of purpose.

Just like my internal voice that narrates my own mind and decides what comes out of my mouth, sometimes my mind wanders off course and ends up someplace very random. At least with writing you can go back and edit these bits, but it is much harder when you are speaking to another person and you find yourself being stared at strangely. You find yourself lost in your daydream, imagination in full swing. Maybe this is what make the best story tellers? Anyway, I digress!

If anyone who reads this, slightly off subject and a bit random blog post, has any experience with something other than an inner narrative voice, then I would love to know what you do experience instead.

E-A Jones

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