shallow focus photography of green leaves
Photo by Matthias Cooper on


The glint of gold on the muddy, waters surface

The buds of vibrant green on stark tree branches

All hope of things to come

The day is growing longer with each passing night

But winter is not done

Each day brings a new surprise, as to what the weather holds

Wind, snow, hail and sun, sometimes all at once

How I long for the sun to shine bright, with warmth to its embrace

Instead this savage wind with an icy bite, blasts deep into my skin

The ground cannot take any more rain

The grass almost forgotten under the rushing burst river banks

But spring is waiting patiently for winter to pass

Then the buds will explode in their leafy splendour

Flowers blooming and grass emerging, where mud once was

Golden warmth and gentle breezes

Winter long forgotten, when spring is in full force.


E-A Jones