Happy New Year, one and all!

Photo by Julia Larson on Pexels.com

Most people all around the world are happy to see 2020 out the door, slam it and barricade it shut. It has been a year even a seasoned horror writer, like Steven King could not have predicted. From forest fires, to floods, to Covid, BLM and not to forget Brexit. Lets all hope that 2021 will be a kinder year.

I am not in the agreement that a New Year should mean a New You. Every woman I know will start her new diet on January 1st, I know very few who have managed to keep this resolution and see it through to the end, I know I never have. All I am going to be making as a resolution, is to keep doing what I have been doing.

I Think that this is the hardest resolution, to keep going. It is so much easier at the start, the beginning. Whether that is the new year or a project, at the beginning you have all the motivation and energy in the world to put into your endeavours. But after a while the motivation starts to wear off, life gets in the way and it seems like such hard work.

It is at this point that many give up. I have felt the same myself throughout this last year, but here I am again with renewed hope and motivation at the beginning of 2021 to make my voice heard. I am recommitted to finishing my Work In Progress and to sharing it with the world.

So when motivation is not your friend, then you have to turn to your determination to see things through and reach the end. Set yourself mini goals to get things back on track and moving in the direction your work needs to take. Luckily I have a supportive husband who reminds me every now and then, that I need to get my work finished, to stop scrolling through social media on my phone and just start writing.

So here I am on January 1st at my computer raring and ready to go.

Happy New Year to you all, and good luck with your own personal resolutions for 2021.

E-A Jones

Where has the time gone?

Now that we have made it half way through 2020, I realised I have not posted for a little while. Unfortunately like so many other people, I have had to change and adapt to the changes to our everyday life. With lockdown, came many changes, three boys to homeschool, furloughed employees, parents unable to leave their house and shopping for food is like going into battle.

All over the world there has been a level of general anxiety and panic (bulk buying loo-rolls and flour!). I found I needed to concentrate on getting the boys into a school routine first and foremost. Without them feeling anxious about the state of things in the outside world, our everyday home life could continue and find a new normality. All I can say, is that I am forever grateful that we live in a rural part of England and have been able to enjoy the countryside as we had always done so before. In fact, through all this I have noticed that people in our village have gotten to be more friendly, willing to help and to just have more time to stop and chat, then ever before.

I really hope that when things start to fully open up, that we all remember to carry on with this. Our daily walks outside, where people will stop and chat happily (whilst keeping 2 meters distance, of course) and the sense of kindness to others.

With things starting to re-open, I have had a bit more time to concentrate on my WIP (Work In Progress) and have broken through a mental barrier, where I had been stuck for quite some time. In between Math and English questions, I hope to be cracking on with the final scenes and finishing the first draft. One thing for sure, is that I will not be thinking of a change of career into teaching, I will leave that for the professionals at the boys school.

So even if 2020 has not gone to plan, it doesn’t mean that the goal has changed, only that I continue to make progress, however slowly.